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Dermatology Associates of Rochester

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3 Quick Tips for Chapped and Cracked Hands

Posted by Dermatology Associates of Rochester on 12/7/17 1:56 PM
Many of us experience the painfully-dry skin during the winter months. You know that feeling, a stinging feeling when you apply soap or lotions? There are a variety of reasons why we experience dry skin during the winter months, and luckily, there are a variety of things you can do to treat dry skin! Cold temperatures, reduced moisture in the air, and windy days can make your skin suffer. Read on for quick tips to deal with dry skin in the winter. 
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Topics: Dermatology

What Causes Tinea Versicolor?

Posted by Dermatology Associates of Rochester on 11/6/17 8:25 AM

Tinea versicolor is commonly found in tropical, or subtropical areas of the world in warmer, wetter climates. However, people living in other climates can still develop this skin condition, an overgrowth of yeast on the skin. We’re answering a few common questions we receive: what causes tinea versicolor and how do you treat it?


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Topics: Dermatology, Skin Care

What you Need to Know about Young Children and Sunscreen

Posted by Dermatology Associates of Rochester on 6/22/17 4:52 PM

The risk of skin cancer can be increases by a small number of serious sunburns. Don’t underestimate the power of the sun’s rays and the impact it can have on your child’s skin. The good news: there are plenty of ways to keep your children safe in the sun without compromising the summer fun! Read on for our quick tips and recommendations about children and sunscreen.

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Topics: Dermatology, Melanoma Awareness